FansOnly is a premium entertainment site using Web3 Identity technology


Created At

Web3 Weekend

Project Description

FansOnly is the PoC of decentralized identify to access premium site, by using NFT as Identity to unlock premium entertainment content. Let's imagine the content creator able to create and sell NFTs while live streaming. Is like the sponsor features in Youtube but content creator and site owner able to bargain a fair earn model instead of traditional streaming website where corporate is the only person to make decision. Metaverse is everything

How it's Made

FansOnly use Unlock Protocol and Livepeer, on Rinkeby

UnlockProtocol is easy to implement and to create access token for fans.

Livepeer have great API, but is not too friendly to SEA users?, having high latency and lagging.

I'm new to Web3 so this is the first project implemented Web3 Technology, hope to explore more in the amazing decentralized future.

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