FakeNews DAO

A DAO Factory on top of Lens protocol. Like Snapshot, but for your community's social media presence.

FakeNews DAO

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Project Description

The dapp we have built on top of the Lens protocol enables the collective management of a social media account. During the initial setup phase, you can either chose for a new DAO to be created for the purpose of the collective management of a social media account, or you can claim a social media account for an existing DAO, using the DAO's existing governance token.

The DAO Factory enables you to set up who can join the DAO, and who can create posts visible to the public. This can either happen by allowing anybody holding a certain amount of token X to publish posts, or by a DAO voting process, using the DAO's governance token. In the latter scenario, anybody can publish posts internally - only visible to the DAO - and posts that receive a sufficient number of votes get posted to be seen by the public.

An example of the latter use case is FakeNewsDAO - a hypothetical DAO focused on publishing crowd-vetted news about the covid pandemic. As described above, anybody can join the DAO and suggest news to be published, but the DAO needs to reach consensus that a particular news piece is legitimate, before it can be pushed out to the wider public. No more fake news, thanks to the power of the crowd!

How it's Made

The frontend is built using next.js, tailwind, and ethers.js. The contracts were written in solidity.

By default the app uses Mumbai testnet. Not too much else to say here, please check the repo to learn more. We've thoroughly enjoyed this hackathon! Thank you. As you might suspect, we've also ran out of time to write fancy descriptions here :)

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