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Fae WorkSpace

Discover new tokens, NFTs, news, games, and even new blockchains on Fae Workspace. With social interactions, statistics, a built in portfolio manager, music player, gaming hub, and even a messenger, you'll be on top of the world of crypto in just a matter of time.

Fae WorkSpace

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ETHOnline 2021

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Project Description

Fae Workspace is both your personal space and central connection to the crypto world. Discover new tokens, NFTs, news, games, and even new blockchains. With not only a Discover feature for social interaction and statistics on tokens, but also a built in portfolio manager, music player, gaming hub, and even a messenger for friends and groups of your crypto community, you'll be on top of the world of crypto in just a matter of time. Whether you're a pro or an amateur entering the scene, Fae is here to help you.

Fae Workspace is not only connected to the world of Web3 but also to Web2; acting as a bridge focused on bringing the average individual to the new internet age.

Fae Social is a main focus of Fae, serving as the new social network for all things crypto, we aim to implement NFTs in a variety of ways on the network, including profile pictures and a gallery displaying your favorite NFTs! Both Traders and Creators will want to showcase their art, mainly including pictures, animations, and also audios. Members of Fae will receive rewards from the network depending on staked funds and members will also have access to the variety of features across the various blockchains.

Fae Games may seem like an addition to Fae, but it's actually an integral part of the Fae ecosystem. With the social elements of Fae, Games come in hand to challenge your friends or foes to compete for prizes or for fun. Powered by NFTs, a lending protocol, and a unique vault system, characters in game will have real world value as well as digital/crypto value! Fae will also be releasing the Betting Pools, a system of bets that can be any coins supported by the Fae network. Funds are put up in a raffling sort of system and awarded to winners based on the parameters set by the creator of the pool. Pools also have an optional Burn mechanism as well as a Donation mechanism that can go out to various charities voted in by Fae.

The Cauldron: Fae's work-in-progress Vault, powered by a unique staking, lending, and locking mechanism that converts rewards to the community in the form of real world asset value and digital/crypto value; details of which that is yet to be fully revealed.

Fae should consist of 3 official Fae tokens with the names revealed at launch, the DAO token, the Rewards token, and a representative token of staked funds. Fae should also be supported on 4 different blockchains with more to be added in the future. As of the current moment support is for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche with future support of Fantom, Arbitrum, Polkadot, and Solana. Games can be cross-chain compatible or separated per chain, and the same goes for all features of the site.

The Rewards Token: A unique token not only used by Fae but open to the entire crypto community. A new token with a dual value system that invites other dApps and networks to use. Details to be revealed as the official launch gets closer.

How it's Made

Mostly the site is built with users in mind. The crypto world is ever expanding and honestly it's extremely confusing. Through the use of various APIs Fae mostly just collects information and organizes it and in the planned vault, users will be able to store any Native coin that we support and get a staked value of tokens instead that can be used within the Fae ecosystem and with a ERC-20 Wrapper to ERC-1155 contract, users will be able to save on gas immensely while still being able to un-stake their funds and interact with the rest of the crypto ecosystem. The main challenge with this project was mostly organization and compatibility between different APIs. Honestly there are a lot more APIs I want to integrate and some features I had to even leave out just for the matter of time. All the sponsors I used had excellent docs though and honestly it was super easy to integrate everything overall, just mostly time-consuming.

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