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A general platform enabling zero knowledge proofs with the demonstrated use case of validating asset valuation (e.g. for lending/leasing purposes) without sharing non-essential information.


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🥈 Mina — Best Use

Project Description

This project leverages the concept of zero knowledge smart contracts to create a generic platform that can be extended across any use case where the goal of one entity (e.g. a mortgage lender) requires another entity (e.g. a home-buyer) to provide an unnecessary amount of private and personal information (e.g. bank statements) to prove eligibility for a service (e.g. a mortgage loan).

While this project hones in on the use case of utilizing asset valuation to determine loan eligibility, we believe the general nature of this platform provides for powerful extensions to an infinite number of additional use cases - anything that currently requires one to expose too much information to satisfy a goal would be revolutionized by the availability of our platform (e.g. healthcare verification, employment verification, KYC, etc.).

How it's Made

This project builds upon zero knowledge smart contracts and the Mina blockchain to power our platform. We used Next.js to build the web client frontend and Node Express for the web client backend, and our example use case zero knowledge smart contract (zkApp) is built using TypeScript. For our demonstrated use case, we integrated with the Plaid API and SDK.

While our team has had a collectively large prior experience with smart contracts, the concept of zero knowledge smart contracts was one that was new to all of us. We are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to wrap our heads around this idea and use our real-life paint points to come up with realistic and meaningful use cases that our platform is able to solve in a simple and elegant way.

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