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Face Pass

A wallet based on your face with no access to the seed phrase or private key 👀

Face Pass

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


💫 WalletConnect — 🥇 Most Innovative


5️⃣ QuickNode — Top 5

Project Description

Are you tired of seed phrases? How about passwords, mnenominics, 2FA and more? With Face Pass, you don't need those any longer!

Users in web2 today are used to unlocking apps with their faces. With Face Pass, your entire wallet IS your face. Using biometric data, you can recreate the same wallet on any device in the world, and the seed phrase is never stored anywhere!

How it's Made

We used open-source facial recognition algorithms in TensorFlowJS to determine a unique hash for your face. This is then used to generate a fresh wallet that lives only during the message signing. No seed phrase!

We used WalletConnect, Quicknode, AirStack, XMTP, SAFE, Polygon and more!

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