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expansionDAO - Voting Insights

Playful dashboard that visualizes Snapshot vote results based on collection traits

expansionDAO - Voting Insights

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Project Description

This projects is a playful data dashboard for snapshot votes based on ERC721 tokens. It displays how certain traits of the collection are distributed among the different answers, allowing the community to gain additional insights. Are community members that tend to collect a certain trait also more likely to vote for certain outcomes? Look no further to find out! On a more serious note this could be extremely helpful for collections with different access tiers, or economic spread between tokens traits to evaluate where parts of the community allocate their vote.

How it's Made

The project uses a custom subgraph running on @thegraph to generate weight distribution of traits per wallet. Building upon the nft example it tracks token ownership and metadata, but with an additional aggregation layer that will store an 'attributeMap' per user, denoting how much of a certain trait they posses. The dashboard frontend is build in sveltekit and uses Snapshot.js to retrieve all proposals of a certain space (expansionDAO.eth), grab the voters of each proposal and then queries the graph to get the attributeMap of each voter. The data is cleaned up clientside and presented in a simple dashboard. Voting is done via

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