Eventdrip is a platform for creators to launch and monetize premium event experiences online.


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Project Description

As a content creator it is hard to self host, market, and monetize your products and services using video. It’s technically hard and time-consuming to deliver a premium service that customers will pay top dollar for. Other platforms are expensive and lack the visibility on how people are engaging with your offers.

Eventdrip is a virtual event platform that lets you launch, promote and create interactive virtual events with premium experiences for fans willing to spend a little more for exclusivity.

Creators can mint merch as NFTs and sell directly to their fans – before, during, and after their event. Our platform wraps around livestream content and gives livestreamers the ability to monetize using digital collectibles.

How it works:

  1. SIGN UP FOR A WALLET Connect with popular Ethereum wallets (MetaMask, Portis, etc) and interact with our smart contract to create and purchase NFT-based tickets and merch.

  2. CREATE & MARKET YOUR EVENT Anyone can create an event, setting their own parameters such as ticket price and capacity. Creators then market the event to their existing fan base across the web. We used ReactJS for the app and configured based on design in Figma

  3. CREATE & SELL MERCH Creators can mint merch as NFTs and sell directly to their fans – before, during, and after their event.

  4. LIVESTREAM YOUR EVENT Creators can stream to their fans using existing services (RTMP via YouTube, Twitch, etc). Use ours. Or not. All good either way.

  5. GET PAID Once the event is over, creators can collect their ticket and merch earnings.

This pandemic sped up the need for us to transition our brands and businesses online.

Unfortunately, many artists, authors, musicians, speakers, and performers of all kinds have had to cancel their upcoming live events, shows, and conferences.

It’s uncertain what the future of live events are, and creators need a solution NOW.

Eventdrip wants to reinvent the way we participate in online and physical events using crypto as the catalyst to explosive growth.

Eventually, Eventdrip will not only interface with existing marketplace platforms, but also will have its own marketplace for buying/selling tickets and merch. The protocol will not only prevent fake tickets, but offer a safe medium of exchange.

EMAIL: dan@eventdrip.com

How it's Made

Eventdrip is a platform for minting NFT-based tickets and digital merchandise. Eventdrip offers freedom to the event creators to mint and control their own tickets, without having to go through a centralized platform.

Eventdrip is fully decentralized, powered by IPFS and Ethereum.

Tickets and merch are ERC-721 based tokens. They offer unique set of features such as provable scarcity and interoperability. Eventdrip's goal is to become the protocol for event tickets. Eventdrip will offer full control to the event owners.


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EMAIL: dan@eventdrip.com

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