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An anonymous employee review system in which employees can get anonymous referrals from their colleagues based on Polygon chain.


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ETHGlobal Waterloo

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๐Ÿฅˆ NEAR โ€” Best Use of BOS

Project Description

In our project, we are creating a recommendation system in which companies can see where a potential employee has previously worked and get referrals from their colleagues and the company's record of employees is also visible. All of these are anonymous and are based on the Polygon blockchain.

How it's Made

First Company 1 comes to the platform and sign up. We use their domain as an identifier and will use an Oracle to verify their company using DNS records. Once they got confirmed. PersonA whoi is working in Company 1 can be added by the company owner to the company. Once their collaboration is finished, they have a proof of collaboration with Company1 on the chain. Moreover, when they apply for jobs in another company (Company2), the new company can request review from their colleagues who were working at the time with them. When company2 send a request, the colleagues got a review request NFT so that they now they have been asked to review their colleague. Once they review, they receive another NFT, which proves that they were kind enough to review their friends.

All the review process is done in a decentralized manner, using polygon, and the frontend is done in NEAR. The reviews will be anonymized and company1, and company 2 will not be able to identify one another.

the proof of concept have been created and some of the features in the above description is yet to be implemented.

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