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Our platform serves as a marketplace for creators seeking sponsorships. Creators can explore listings, or receive partnership offers tailored to their niche. Sponsor funds are held in our vault, ensuring that creators have access to their payment upon completion.


Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🏊 The Graph — Pool Prize


🛠️ Chainlink — Awesome Project

Project Description

Introducing ETHWaldo, a revolutionary platform designed to foster a direct connection between creators and sponsors within the Ethereum ecosystem. The platform leverages Ethereum wallet addresses to streamline the discovery, negotiation, and acceptance of sponsorship opportunities.

On ETHWaldo, sponsorship agreements are articulated clearly and explicitly, outlining the performance metrics a sponsor expects a video to achieve before a payment is released. This gives sponsors granular control over the terms of their investment, from the option to pay upon content publication, to the opportunity to disburse funds according to various milestones, such as view counts, likes, or link clicks.

A unique feature of ETHWaldo is its secure vault system, providing a safeguard for both creators and sponsors. Once a creator accepts a sponsorship deal, the sponsor's funds are securely held in a vault. This ensures creators can work with confidence, knowing that their payments are protected. In the event of a premature contract termination, the system is designed to return the unspent funds back to the sponsor, offering an additional layer of financial security.

ETHWaldo prides itself on its built-in content review process. Sponsors can choose to personally vet the produced content, or entrust the task to ETHWaldo's robust peer review system. A dedicated team of reviewers is engaged to evaluate the content against the original terms set out in the sponsorship deal. This process ensures content quality and deal compliance.

The platform leverages the power of smart contracts to manage and automate the payment process, post content publication. All required metrics for payment distribution, if stipulated in the deal, are monitored and managed by these autonomous contracts.

ETHWaldo is committed to fostering open communication and transparency. If a sponsor expresses dissatisfaction during the content review process, they are provided with a communication channel to directly address their concerns with the creator.

At ETHWaldo, we believe in creating an environment where creativity, collaboration, and cryptocurrency converge to deliver value for all stakeholders.

How it's Made

Our application leverages Biconomy's cutting-edge technology to enable a user-friendly social login feature. This presents users with the flexibility to access their accounts through a multitude of platforms, including Google and Metamask, thereby streamlining their user experience. This functionality is integrated with our Next.js client that comprises several core components such as our authentication page, home page, sponsor page, and creator page.

One of our application's main features is a robust smart contract system that empowers sponsors to select and negotiate deals directly with creators. These contracts clearly define the terms of the agreement, including the payment amount and currency, specific content requirements, and any other relevant stipulations. This approach provides a transparent and accountable method of handling sponsorship agreements.

We employ Chainlink within our smart contracts to ensure accurate verification of content once it has been produced. This decentralized oracle network scrutinizes the content metrics, confirming whether the creator has fulfilled the agreed-upon terms. The contract securely holds the funds until the stipulated conditions are met. Once satisfied, the payout is released to the creator, and if the contract includes additional milestones, subsequent payments can be earned and paid out.

To bolster the fairness and reliability of our platform, we utilize Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) for peer review attestations. This mechanism allows reviewers to validate that the creator has indeed met the terms of the agreement, providing an added layer of protection for sponsors and instilling confidence that their investments are being handled responsibly.

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