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It's twitter on the blockchain! You need an NFT to post and you can stake on users on the platform.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

This project consists of an NFT-gated smart contract that stores posts on the blockchain. The posts are uploaded to ipfs/filecoin for redundancy and the NFT's themselves are also stored with The contracts are all deployed to Polygon (testnet for now). There is a vault contract that allows users to stake DAI tokens, earn interest in AAVE lending markets, and pledge their WMATIC rewards to a beneficiary.

How it's Made

The contract that stores the posts is based on the Voting contract from solidty-by-example. The NFT minter dapp uses openzeppelin libraries heavily, and the Vault is based on Yearn vaults. I'm using Protocol Labs for all of the file storage, Polygon as the blockchain for cheap fees, and AAVE for staking/rewards! I've never done ANY of this but I had a ton of fun with the project!

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