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ETHGlobalxOpera - Account abstraction

Making wallets smarter, using ERC-4337 account abstraction helping with recoverability

ETHGlobalxOpera - Account abstraction

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Project Description

The plan for this project where to implement a smart wallet contract based on the ERC4337, with the main feature was going to be utilizing an assigned guardian to be able to recover the account by changing owner. The project was made by two solidity novices that started learning this week. After a very successful week we are happy with our progress and learning's, even though we never got the chance to actually finish the product we still consider this a success.

How it's Made

This project is using NodeJs backend, Vue frontend to serve as a wallet UI.

Smart contracts are based on the ERC4337. Since both members of the team started learning solidity this is where the most time where spent. After watching Yoav Weiss's talk about the ERC-4337 and getting help from many members of the team, both over discord and in real life we learned a lot, and our future work with this ERC will be helped a lot.

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