Welcome to Ethermore — An emerging fantasy world built on community and blockchain. Unique procedurally generated fantasy characters that will populate the founding of Ethermore. A fantasy world with off-chain community building on-chain lore.


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Project Description

Welcome to ethermore, An emerging fantasy world connecting a fan community through on-chain lore and worldbuilding.

“Truth is a matter of the imagination.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin

The value of art, money, NFTs or fantasy worlds for that matter, is whatever our collective imagination wants it to be. But the real value of these is in the subculture of the community.

On the surface, Ethermore is an NFT drop of unique procedurally generated fantasy characters. Under the hood, Ethermore experiments with solutions to some of the important challenges faced by NFTs.

Proof of community.

We will use metamask to search for addresses containing the NFTs as a way to log in to the community, enabling voting for bringing creative ideas for the lore and worldbuilding.

Environmental impact and governance.

The first step is transparency. We wish to set the standard for reporting and responsible offsetting in these times of high gas, both ether and carbon.

We built a responsive Carbon calculator within the checkout. Cost is displayed in both ether and carbon emissions, allowing the user visibility and choice. We have an explainer of our methodology and a roadmap as to how we will offset the drop as carbon neutral.

More on ethermore itself.

The Art. We nod to the Pixel art, Bold Colors and Gradients of many crypto projects before us as the subculture evolves. For many of us, pixel art is simple nostalgia and imaginary worlds.

To see the lesser blocks of a form, and let our imaginations fill in the details. Ethermore lives in the theater of our minds. The characters and the culture are the blocks.

Each procedurally generated Ethermore character is unique. This is done with simple layering of individual illustration assets. There are rarer traits within the population broken down by type, class, background, and special artifacts. For example, there are more Humans than Half-Elf, and even rarer are Celestials.

Here is A Dusk Half-Elf Warlock from The Mountains with Potion. Ready for use in your own RPG game, digital game avatar or character in a new novel.

We even have a very shiny Digital unboxing of your hero.

The drop is random. This will facilitate interaction and welcome scarcity and diversity in the characters. It will set the tone for diversity and inclusion within the community, there is evidence that roleplaying games and VR experiences as characters that may not be your specific race can lead to higher levels of acceptance and empathy. We want to nudge this by randomly distributing characters. Fantasy worlds are not short on diverse races!

The Community. We have intentionally left Ethermore an imaginary blank canvas for us all to paint a story on. Starting in the theatre of our minds, Heroes’ stories and world-building will evolve off-chain in discussion, writing, tabletop home games, before returning as on-chain canon in the world of Ethermore. This will occur with voting in the community.

Maybe someone in the community will write a beautiful backstory to the dusk elves, and we can make it canon.

Maybe someones Half-Orc Barbarian will die a glorious death in their home game, and they want their character imortalised. Perhaps we give them a warriors death and burn their token and airdrop them a ghost.

So What makes Ethermore unique?

The first evolving fantasy world on the blockchain with full ownership of unique procedurally generated characters, holding implicit and explicit rarity.

leading NFT ESG standards of offsetting carbon emissions on the minting process.

Built by a team who have spent many hours in imaginary worlds and communities and always wanted to build one.

How it's Made

-Frontend / Landing page for project's social reach wordpress

-Solidity Smart Contract - ERC 721 Preset based, custom functionality of price change, ipfs based asset storage, random distribution at the end of sale

-Node.js based engine for the contract deployment and functionality

-User frontend for sale access with Metamask

-pixelart in illustrator/photoshop for assets with adobe dimension for 3d package design

background image mobile

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