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decentralized translation network with AI & human attestors, to onboard next billion users of Ethereum


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Filecoin - Decentralize your dApps with Filecoin - Runner Ups


ETHGlobal - 🏆 Scaling Ethereum Finalist

Project Description

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For Etheruem to reach next billions of users, we will need to break down the language barrier. Only 16% of the population speaks English while 60%+ of the content are in English

We have talked to different communities and identified challenges

  • AI tools are often biased and centralized
  • Crowdsourcing translations Systems often get abuse
  • Need ways to Reward Contributors for retention and engagement

Thus, We're building an incentive network for AI translation agent and human attestors

In our demo, we translated a video from the Pragama Denver Playlist on Youtube. This makes use of OpenAI Whisper for ASR onto original English transcript, then prompt to OpenAI LLM for the final translatied (Traditional Chinese) file in vtt.

Vtt subtitles files are uploaded to IPFS for process and execution of decentralized AI

Then with a Chrome extension, we can see the translated subtitles, and end-users can feedback by vote up/down like in StackOverflow. These votes will create crypto-based attestations with user's wallet and send back to our servers.

With that we're able to avoid abuse, further calculate incentive allocation base on contributions.

We derive contribution base on a few factors such as edit distance between previous translations, time of translation to determine contribution. e.g. Translate early, get more, fix a minor typo get less.

Then we issue the final "rollup" contribution attestation using EAS/Witness and commit that on-chain.

For incentives, we integrated Grantstack from Gitcoin so project owner can fund raise for their project. Then with allo protocol, payouts can be made accoridngly to contirbution in a trustless manner.

We created a custom Allo strategy (ELSStrategy) to check against such attestation before receipent cam ne registered to the protoype.

In future we might have deeper integration with on-chain Quatric voting mechanism such that each donor or project owner of project can reinforce who will get the final reward.

All in all, this protocol aims to create a DataDAO such that we could accumulate human attestation data as supervised dataset, to further improve our models and expand localization capcity to more projects.

How it's Made

Architecture Overview

  • Fund Distribution
    • Allo protocol
      • we created Custom Strategy (ELSStrategy) which check against contribution EAS is attested and not expired before recipient can be registered
    • Contribution/allocation
      • we calculate score of each contribution via translation / attestation to derive final allocation and register to allo
  • Grant Portal
    • Grant Stack
  • Chrome Extension
    • SolidJS
    • videojs-vtt to parse and render subtitles
  • Translation pipelines
    • OpenAI Whisper
    • OpenAI LLM prompt for translations
    • Weblate (Translation Management Systems) to let user to modify subtitles
  • Attestations
  • EAS (Ethereum Attestation Service)
  • Witness
  • AI Pipelines
    • We run data pipeline to download video from youtube, use ASR OpenAI whisper to output original English transcript. Then prompt to OpenAI LLM for the final translatied (Traditional Chinese) file in vtt.

This repository contains packages of

Chrome extension

  • end-user can make use of rendered subtitles at translated videos on youtube, streamETH
  • end-user & attestors can attest translations


  • package to parse, translate and deliver subtitles


  • Create attestatiosn with 2 EAS Schemas
  1. attestation on each translation
  2. project attestation on contribution/allocation


  • package to derive allocation base on contribution


  • package to upload transcript / translaion onto weblate


  • simple nestjs api to persist attestation

contracts (Customized Allo strategy)

  • This contract implements Allov2 strategy ELSStrategy

Grant Portal

  • We have which is a fork of gitcoinco/grants-stack

  • Create & Manage Rounds to fundraise for l10n effort

  • End-user Explore available Rounds to donate

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