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Ether Empire

A 2D kingdom-building game hosted on Ethereum where players can purchase lands for yield farming, or conquer others' lands, with intricate diplomacy handled by smart contracts.

Ether Empire

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

The world of blockchain and DeFi is brimmed with opportunities, yet many who are new to the crypto world find it confusing to grasp concepts such as yield farming, tokenomics or see the potential that lies with smart contracts.

In this project, we aim to address these issues by creating a minimalistic yet versatile game that allows players to explore these concepts in a visualized and interactive setting. Specifically, the following are gamified:-

Yield Farming 🌾: When a player contributes towards a MATIC/EMP (our game token) pool on Quickswap, they can stake their Liquidity Provider token into farm plots in our game. Farm generates token yields based on the amount of activity (see tokenomics) in the game, simulating how profit is made on DeFi protocols.

Smart Contracts 👐: To better protect their farm plots, players are incentivized to build alliances and treaties with their neighbors. Through UX design, we aim to create an accessible interface that allows non-coders to piece together smart contract ‘legos’ to forge such relationships, which helps players familiarize with the potential of smart contracts.

Tokenomics 💰: Inflationary and deflationary mechanisms are represented in the game through the minting and burning of EMP tokens. Whenever an army is created or a wall is built, the spent tokens are burnt, and at regular intervals the same amount is minted and redistributed to all farm owners in the form of ‘rain’ to maintain a stable token supply. The amount allocated to each farm plot is proportional to the square root of the LP token staked.

Governance (planned): Simulate governance by allowing players to vote on game hyperparameters (e.g. pillage burn rate, divest rate, farm yield frequency) based on ownership of land or total land value.

Interested in testing the game or giving suggestions? Join us at Reddit: Website (live soon!):

How it's Made

We are considering two Layer 2 Scaling solutions:

The PoS chain on Polygon: We will deploy our ERC20 tokens on both Ethereum and Matic mainnet, which is connected by the PoS bridge. This allows for fast withdrawal, as well as seamless interaction with Quickswap to obtain LP tokens.

SKALE: We will deploy our ERC20 tokens on both Ethereum and our own SKALE chain. Gas-free L2 transaction makes this solution especially appealing to onboard new players. Pending on how DEX will be supported on SKALE.

Additionally, we also utilize:

React & Web3js stack for frontend and web3 integration.

AWS Amplify for frontend deployment.

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