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A social platform for users to share their NFTs, join communities, and make friends—with all posts and communication hosted on IPFS.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

The goal of our project was to explore what's possible when integrating decentralization to the social media space. A very hot topic in the world right now is the centralization of tech giants that control users' data and censor what they choose—but web3 seeks to change this.

EthBlox gives users back the control over their digital identity by allowing them to communicate through their Ethereum address, making friends and joining NFT communities along the way. We aimed to focus on the social aspect of the dAPP as opposed to creating another marketplace like OpenSea in an experiment to see how IPFS and the blockchain can handle social media management.

While our end goals with the project haven't quite been met yet, we've learned a lot about developing on the new web and are eager to see where EthBlox goes!

How it's Made

This project is built with Covalent, Convo Space and Opensea to query NFT data from Ethereum and Polygon. Using nodeJS, React and NextJS, our application was bootstrapped with create-react-app with nextjs to handle the dynamic routing of the app. We used axios to query NFT data from covalent and opensea to build our NFT showcase page. For every collection and NFT owned by the user, we would have a chatroom where any one could log in and send messages, which would be stored and fetched by ipfs with the aid of Convo Space. For our application's frontend, we designed it with ui-neumorphism and material-ui. We also attempted to give users free rein to give their NFTs custom descriptions, powered by Ceramic, but due to time constraints we were not able to fix certain bugs in the code.

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