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EthBlockArt Fee Splitting

A Humble Bundle-style fee splitting mechanism for EthBlockArt to let users decide how proceeds from minting are allocated (between the platform, artists and charity)

EthBlockArt Fee Splitting

Created At

ETHOnline 2021

Winner of


EthBlockArt - Best Use

Project Description

This project introduces a new fee structure for EthBlockArt mints (controlled by users), a new charity fund to be voted on by EthBlockArt holders, a new vault smart contract responsible for depositing and withdrawing all funds, and an integration into the existing BlockArtFactory contract.

How it's Made

I used scaffold-eth for the auto-generated UI, hardhat to write tests and deploy scripts, slither to check the smart contract for vulnerabilities and OpenZeppelin libraries to transfer ETH. I paid special attention to follow best practices and look for bugs that might result in loss of funds.

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