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ETH Toolkit

Simplify your Ethereum toolkit by replacing dozens of bookmarked websites with one that does it all.

ETH Toolkit

Created At

ETHNewYork 2022

Winner of


🚀 Optimism — Just Deploy!

Project Description

This project embraces the composability in web3 which I feel isn't demonstrated enough. Everybody has different websites they go to for different tasks, but one of the beauties of web3 is that anybody can build a frontend for decentralized protocols. This website will save people time, portray the idea of composability, and generally be a trusted gateway to popular protocols without having a clog up your bookmarks bar.

How it's Made

The website is mostly frontend focused, built in Next.js with RainbowKit, wagmi, and ethers for handling wallet connection and smart contract interactions. I used one of my own API's to resolve ENS records, and a few 3rd party API's to retrieve price data and NFT volume (,, The lottery game featured on the website is my own smart contract from before the hackathon which uses Chainlink VRF.

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