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ERC420 Multisig

tokenized multisig vaults (and other words that make the description box descriptive)

ERC420 Multisig

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ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description

unlike a classsic multisig where each signature has the same signing power, in erc420 vaults each signer has erc20 tokens that represent the signing power.

this way for example if the quorum is 10 and I have 10 tokens, I can sign transactions, but if someone has 9 tokens they need at least one more signer. you could give 1 token to five other signers and none of them can collude to sign transactions on their own, but only one of them is required to help the 9 tokens holder send transactions.

How it's Made

erc420 + ecrecover + skills + raw power of will + please add more information + this text box is really annoying + can you please let me go through + I would appreciate if you let me submit this form + oh lord what have I done to deserve this + aaaahaaahaahaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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