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Creating a ERC20-based Reward System for Traditional Online Forums where owners can define reward rules and create their own ERC20-based reward token


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Project Description

This project is to empower online forums to reward their members by leveraging existing ERC20-compatible tokens, or ability to create their own, branded, community token based on ERC20. Group owners will be able to define rules of how the tokens are rewarded to their members based on member activities. And members can show cases their earned tokens and in the future to be used for community voting to gradually achieving decentralization of online communities.

This project will be built on top of with their extension support. The reason of using Everforo is Everforo already sycnhronized user generated content with IPFS, achieving storage decentralization for online community, while this project is to add on top of what Everforo already built, adding a decentralized reward engine. Finally we will be able to repackage the project as a plugins for other forum systems, so existing, traditional online forums will be able to leverage this engine and reaches to more users.

building on top of existing online forum systems as a plugin to empower online forums owners to improve their community retentions with reward tokens - We called it "Reward Engine for Online Forums".

How it's Made

This project is not so much focus in any hacky way to invent or innovate but more about making the blockchain tech, including the ERC20 and IPFS more accessible for non crypto users. This project empowers forum owners to create their own branded ERC20 token and define reward rules that works for their own community. We put together all existing technology in the online forum domain and make it easier for people in this domain to work with it.

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