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Equinet Sydney 2024

Combine Real World Asset Ownership with WorldCoin Attestations

Equinet Sydney 2024

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ETHGlobal Sydney

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Worldcoin - Pool Prize

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Project Description

EIP3643 is a standard for RWAs; allowing for securities to be offered in a compliant way. One of the keys to EIP3643 is the Identity Registry and more specifically the CLAIMS Provider. By applying composability on RWAs in a compliant way, we can put permission controls on top of a completely decentralised platform.

Worldcoin is a superb solution for identity management, specifically self-soverign identities. By combining EIP3643 standard with a Claims Provider supporting the worldchain nullifiers and proofs; we can make investing in RWAs easier, providing a smoother on-boarding process for customers.

Add to this the integration with AA, EIP4337 and Smart Wallets (e.g. Web3Auth and social logins) and we can make registration, verification and compliance easier, while also doing away with gas-fees, signatures, etc.

Users can hop into our website, browse the horses they want to purchase, complete the compliance process using Worldcoin and make purchases in a few easy steps. If we include the gas-station and sponsored transactions users can enjoy the major advantages of blockchain without the need to deal with the nitty gritty details.

The vision I have is that a user can verify their credentials (age, country, and other attestations) from reputable sources (e.g. GovID). They would integrate with Worldcoin and these attested and verified credentials

How it's Made

Front End was NextJS, backend NextJS, solidity for development, foundry and hardhat for Smart Contract deployment and management. We used tailwindcss and

I used worldcoin to integrate with the worldcoin protocol.

I used base seporia as the blockchain housing the platform.

Web3 Auth with integration with Google and Discord. Web3Auth makes social logins easier; and abstracts away the complexities of wallets and the blockchain.

I created two websites;

  • Marketplace for horses where users should be able to purchase horses once they are compliant
  • MockGov Attestation website; which is used to 'attest' user details. We tie the attestation (you're 18+, you're aussie and you're not a criminal) to a public key that follows the user wherever they go. At any point I can validate the user details and validate the attestation.
  • Users will typically jump into the marketplace and browse a horse; once they're happy they can then connect to the website. If they are already compliant (maybe because they validated elsewhere) then they can immediately start purchases. If not, they go through the compliance process outside of our marketplace. Once verified they come back and we can confirm they re compliant.
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