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A mobile app that uses zero-knowledge StarkNet smart contracts to ensure privacy while alerting users about potential exposure to various epidemics.


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Project Description

EpiGuard is a privacy-centric mobile application designed to help users stay informed about their exposure to various epidemics, such as COVID-19, in a secure and anonymous manner. The app utilizes zero-knowledge StarkNet smart contracts to ensure that user data remains private while providing real-time alerts and updates.

Key Features: Infection Verification: Hospitals can verify infections on the blockchain using the send_Test function, confirming positive test results. Exposure Notifications: Users who test positive can anonymously notify people they contacted using the send_Contact function, alerting them to potential exposure. Status Retrieval: Users can retrieve their infection and exposure status using the get_testData and get_Contact functions, allowing them to stay informed about their health and exposure risks.

Privacy and Security: All contact data is encrypted and anonymized, ensuring user privacy. Data is stored on a decentralized network, providing data redundancy and availability. Smart contracts manage data encryption, storage, and notifications, maintaining user privacy and security.

How it's Made

Technologies Used: Blockchain Platform: StarkNet, chosen for its scalability and low transaction costs. Smart Contracts: Developed in Cairo for StarkNet, handling data storage, user interactions, and traceability logic. Front-End: Mobile app developed using React Native for cross-platform compatibility (iOS). Data Encryption: Public-key cryptography to encrypt all contact data, ensuring privacy and security.

Development Details: Smart Contract Development: Smart contracts were written in Cairo to manage user registration, contact data storage, infection verification, and exposure notifications. These contracts ensure that user data remains private and secure. Mobile App Development: The front-end was built using React Native, allowing for a seamless user experience on mobile devices.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Utilizing StarkNet's zero-knowledge proofs, the app ensures that user data remains private while allowing for secure and anonymous notifications.

Scalability: StarkNet's scalability allows the app to handle a large number of users and transactions efficiently.

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