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Generates dynamic profiles for a user's ENS domain; also allowing the owner to customise and persist layout choices - Visualise your ENS

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Project Description

I'm a big fan of ENS and even though I didn't register in time for the airdrop, I want to add a more visual element for a user's ENS record. With no external requirement, each registered and configured ENS domain will have its own respective profile that visually renders their information.

In its first, hackathon iteration, it will pull through ENS domain information and allow customisations to be applied by the owner. These will pertain to displaying fields and basic layout customisations. In future iterations I'd like to expand this to be more extensive; for example, pulling through tweets rather than just a linking to the user's twitter linked to their ENS record.

I'd initially planned to submit two ENS hacks. The second, that I will now include in the same hack submission, allows the end-user to search, filter and proceed to purchase ENS domains. This provides the functionality to monitor domains that are expiring soon or have recently expired and snap up treasure!

How it's Made

The project uses a combination the queries against the ENS subgraph and direct querying against the ENS domains contract. The user's ENS preferences are then stored on IPFS via Pinata.

The core framework is built with a combination of PHP for the backend and ethers.js for interaction with Ethereum.

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