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Engage provides a platform for creators to interact with their audience and track useful analytics


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ETHGlobal New York

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🥉 Unlock Protocol — Most Inventive Use


🏊‍♂️ Filecoin & IPFS — Pool Prize

Project Description

Project ENGAGE: Empowering Creators and Connecting Viewers

Introduction: Engage is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the content creation industry by fostering deeper connections between content creators and their audiences. Engage provides a two-fold solution: a dedicated side dashboard for content creators and a dynamic viewer dashboard. This comprehensive platform aims to empower creators, enhance viewer engagement, and create a thriving ecosystem for content creation.

Features for Viewers:

  1. Membership System: Engage offers viewers the opportunity to become members of their favorite content creators' communities. Members gain exclusive access to premium content, live events, and behind-the-scenes experiences, creating a sense of belonging.

  2. 1:1 Video Calls: Viewers can connect directly with content creators through one-on-one video calls. This personal interaction allows for a deeper level of engagement and fosters a stronger connection between creators and their fans.

  3. Task and Activity Participation: Engage provides a platform for viewers to actively participate in various tasks and activities set up by content creators. This includes challenges, contests, and collaborative projects, offering viewers a chance to showcase their skills and creativity.

  4. Rewards and Incentives: As viewers engage more with the content and community, they earn rewards and incentives. These rewards can include virtual badges, merchandise discounts, or even financial incentives, motivating viewers to become active contributors.

  5. Community Forums: Engage includes community forums where viewers can discuss content, share their opinions, and connect with like-minded individuals. This fosters a sense of community and encourages discussions around the creator's content.

Features for Content Creators:

  1. Multi-Platform Analytics: Creators can access a unified dashboard that provides comprehensive analytics across multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more. This allows creators to track their performance and understand their audience across various channels.

  2. Audience Insights: Engage provides real-time insights into what fans are talking about, allowing creators to gauge audience sentiment, preferences, and trending topics. This information helps creators tailor their content and engagement strategies for maximum impact.

  3. Revenue Generation: By gaining a deeper understanding of their audience and leveraging member subscriptions, content creators can significantly increase their revenue. ENGAGE also provides tools for monetization, including sponsorships, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing opportunities.

  4. Content Management: Creators can easily manage and schedule their content across different platforms from a single dashboard. This streamlines content creation and distribution, saving time and effort.

  5. Engagement Tracking: Creators can monitor viewer engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, shares, and viewer participation in community activities. This data helps creators identify trends and fine-tune their content strategy.


Engage empowers content creators by giving them the tools to understand their audience better, enhance their revenue streams, and manage their content effectively. Simultaneously, it offers viewers a unique and engaging experience, allowing them to connect with their favorite creators on a deeper level. By bridging the gap between creators and viewers, ENGAGE aims to revolutionize the content creation landscape and foster thriving online communities.

How it's Made

Engage is built with Lens, Walletconnect and IPFS protocols. Lens is used as a social profile manager to maintain social connections and to track levels and rewards. Walletconnect is used as an onboarding platform for all users to join the platform. By using a wallet inbox, the users are also notified about challenges and announcements by the creator. IPFS is used as a storage network, and Lilypad is used as a computing platform. All of the analytics available on the platform are run on Lilypad.

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