Enepti Network

Grow-and-Earn Social Metaverse 🎨 NFT Social Tokens with On-Chain Generative Art 🔒 Licensable Social Games & Rooms with Token-Gated Access 🌟 Shared Creator Revenue for Community Contribution

Enepti Network

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ETHOnline 2021

Project Description

'- Claiming Accounts with NFTs Network will launch with a total of 10,000 Enepti NFTs to be minted by the Users can claim their account by depositing the minted NFT into the account vault smart contract.

  • Creator Identity as NFT Social Tokens Social tokens are ERC 1155 NFTs that are unique to each user on the network. Users purchase social tokens with ETH, DAI, or LMN (the network currency). The price of social token is placed under NFT Boding Curve. That is, social tokens price is based on its total circulation in the network.

  • Social Token Rewards & Network Goverance The deposited LMN tokens are put into the Time Lock Vault of the Creator Account. The creator and the buyer have redeem percentages for the vault, 0% and 100% respectively at start. The more creator opens social rooms, the timer ticks to gradually increase the creator percentages. Either the creator or the buyer can redeem the funds in the vault at any given time according to their respective redeem ratio. As the creator percentage grows, those LMN tokens gets bured, or removed from the network. In return, corresponding amount of ENP tokens are minted for the creator to claim. ENP tokens are network governance token. When the buyer redeems the funds from the vault, the social token gets burned and the vault gets deactivated.

  • Gamified Social Podcasts & Audio Rooms Creators are incentivised to offer the best social experience for their communities. Participate in exclusive social podcasts or audio rooms with token membership. Don't just listen in. Grab your chance to earn LMN token rewardsfrom the creators in the room.

  • Room License Marketplace The social audio room is just one of many Rooms that could enrich the community experience. Get creative! Any Buidler can develop and publish their own social experiences as Enepti Rooms. Each Room is minted as a unique ERC 721 NFT, available to be "licensed" by other creators. Based on the usage of Rooms by the creators, Room NFT owners earn recurring revenue as Room licence feein the form of ENP tokens.

  • Enepti Breeding As mentioned earlier, users can only claim new Accounts on the platform by locking up Enepti NFT into the Account smart contract. In addition to the first 10,000 Enepti tokens at launch, new Enepti tokens can be minted by existing users by breeding new Enepti tokens as new user invitation NFTs. These additional NFTs can be given or sold on NFT marketplaces. Breeding new Enepti tokens will burn the used ENP and LMN tokens from the network.

How it's Made

  • Moralis (https://docs.moralis.io/) for basic web3 integration

  • ethers.js/web3.js

  • Solidity for core contract development

  • React/React Native for frontend applications

  • Typescript, webpack, babel, metro for js bundling

  • Styled-components for React UI framework

<Web2 Backend>
  • pion/webrtc (https://github.com/pion/webrtc): Pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API

  • Phoenix web framework for the Elixir backend + postgres database

  • AWS for server infrastructure


  • Superfluid (https://docs.superfluid.finance/) for streaming transactions for Game loom licensing based on Game NFT on/off-chain usage

  • Textile (https://docs.textile.io/) for advanced ipfs/web3 data storage

  • NFTPort (https://docs.nftport.xyz/) for advanced NFT management on protocol

  • NFT Company (https://docs.nftcompany.com/) for dynamic NFT framework

  • Polygon Network (https://docs.matic.network/) or other layer 2 scaling solutions

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