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Providing the opportunity to offer success rewards for goals through Autonomous World's technology.


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Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

Emojimon is a very friendly tutorial for new MUD users. I thought it would be nice to make Emojimon more interesting, so I implemented Emojimon v1.3. v2.0 was not made because it is not yet ready to be fully interesting, and I promise to update it to v2.0 when I do that.

In the tutorial, the background was a meadow, but this time we will use a snowy mountain as the theme.


Difficult to see the experience of success or failure to the user as in a traditional game.

Solution (what I implemented)

  • Set up game start and goal.
  • If the goal is achieved, the user should be rewarded with ERC721.
  • After reaching a goal, there is a reset button and the game can be restarted

Future ToDo

[Introduce the concept of "game over" by battles.]

  • Implement "HP" for users and monsters.
  • Allow monsters to attack the user.
  • Implement "speed" of user and monster, so that the faster user can attack first.
  • Implement "game over" when the user's HP reaches 0

[Originalization of NFT]

  • Complete NFT on-chain and generate images based on user behavior data

How it's Made

I developed this game based on MUD 2.0. Also, I utilized Openzepplin's ERC721 to reward the game and implemented an AllowList so that the goal can be minted. I implemented an AllowList implementation that allows users to mint after reaching a goal.

This implementation was considerably more difficult than I had imagined, and I ended up spending quite a bit of time trying to understand the structure of the MUD framework.

Ideally, we would have issued random numbers based on user behavior and then issued on-chain NFTs based on the random numbers, but we could not spend the time to do so and decided against it.

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