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Emojimon - Learn To Earn

We added loot boxes to the map, which when touched, generate a question to the user. This could be used in a future learn-to-earn autonomous world model.

Emojimon - Learn To Earn

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Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

This project simply added loot boxes to the terrain, much like the other features already in Emojimon. Borrowing from the infrastructure and using the fight mechanism already in place, we decided we could generate questions the user could answer, which could be scored and then used to implement a novel learn-to-earn model.

How it's Made

We used existing technology and used the game already in place to extend the capabilities already present. We had to modify maybe 10-12 files that were written in typescript as well as modify the solidity contracts. We did test deployment to the lattice testnet as well. The functionality we added extends the users experience by keeping track of the users score on-chain as they move through the various question/loot boxes. Plans could be made to make loot boxes randomly appear as opposed to being fixed, and adding a timer which would create more immediacy.

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