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Emergence is an on-chain video platform that distribute tokens during calls + generates a script for DAO documentation + increases DAO health and onboarding quality.


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🏆 ETHMexico Finalist


🎮 Polygon — Best Metaverse or Gaming Project


🥇 Superfluid — Best Overall Project

Project Description

First question and problem for EMERGENCE is: do you know who is in your DAO? What is happening, what are the discussions about or current challenges? How could you find it - twitter? Discord text messages? How can you measure what is your DAO Health metrics?

Second question is: "How to easily encourage community managers to have more 1:1 onboarding calls, how to reward & incentivize in a simple & straight way our DAO mentors & managers to have more calls with the community?” We realize that a lack of proper updated documentation could increase the distant between DAO managers and the community.

To solve these problems, we propose a few solutions. Our main approach is the on-chain platform that distributes tokens according to the value previously assigned for each meeting. By creating incentives that can be claimed without revealing the users data and meetings info thanks to the Semaphore Protocol, dao members are incentivised to host meetings, further increasing the onboarding process experience. Then, new participants are likely to contribute positively to your DAO, creating a healthy value flow.

The tradeoff is to use this platform instead of zoom or discord calls, have secured on chain calls. Easy to use. Step 1: connect your wallet; step 2: click “request funds” during a meeting.

Our second approach to improve your DAO health is by generating updated metrics. At the end of each call, a script is generated by Artificial Intelligence. The results you get are anonymous and encrypted documentation that provide you with an overview of the whole system. You will be able to see what are the most commons words spoken, topics of calls and sentiments.

How it's Made

We use Semaphore to provide Dao member anonymity, 100ms SDK for video conferencing, Wallet Connect for front-end wallet integration, Superfluid to provide income to Dao members. TheGraph to use Hosted Subgraphs to index events of our smart contracts, and Polygon for on-chain presence. Teck stack: Verses Polygon SuperFluid Wallet Connect Hard hat

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