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Embark! upon your inevitable Web3 journey. From newsletters specifically curated for beginners to getting airdropped your very first NFT all for the grand fee of $free.99. Experience it all with us at Embark!


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Project Description

We have analyzed that since this revolution of blockchain has begun not a lot of people have the correct amount of knowledge to get on the Web3 train. The protocols, the different blockchain ecosystems and their websites are too sophisticated for the common public. What is required is a platform that is beginner-friendly, helps them understand the concepts, rewards them to learn and looks really awesome. We built Embark keeping this in mind. It's fast, its UI is self intuitive and helps people educate and enhance the crypto literacy rate of the audience. The functionalities of Embark are:

  • It provides a Newsletter where people can subscribe to the weekly crypto news
  • Embark has its own ERC20 Token which people can earn by giving a quiz at the end of the newsletter
  • Everyone who subscribes to the letter is given a randomly generated NFT from our collection "Moody Gorillas Club"
  • It has an integrated easy to use decentralized exchange on 3 different chains powered by 1inch.
  • There is a dedicated page for daily crypto news where people can read articles and educate themselves.
  • A lighting NFT Minter that is easy to use and is decentralized. We are using IPFS to store the metadata and smart contract mints it on the chain.

How it's Made

  • We used Moralis because it's just awesome for making cross-chain applications. We leveraged its NextJS boilerplate to get started quickly.

  • For the Newsletter functionality we are using Moralis Database to store the Email Ids.

  • The randomness for the NFT Airdrops of our collection "Moody Gorilla Club" is a feature provided by Chainlink VRF. We got the metadata of 10 NFTs stored in an array in our Smart contract and are using Chainlink to generate a random index and gift it to our subscribers.

  • We are using the 1inch API to get the Dex functionality over 3 different chains.

  • The rewards for the Newsletter quiz are distributed by a Smart contract thus making it completely decentralized.

  • The NFT Minter uses IPFS for storing the metadata and then a smart contract mints the NFT for the user.

  • Solidity Smart Contracts are present in our Contracts folder and are used for generating the random NFTs, generating the NFTs for the Lightning Minter, mint our own ERC20 Token "Embark" and distributing the rewards for the Newsletter Quiz.

  • The Crypto Newsfeed is something we are fetching from an API and displaying it on our website.

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