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Election B4 Election

A registrationless sybil-attack resistant anonymous zk voting application to empower individuals in the political nomination process

Election B4 Election

Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

In the current political landscape, party nominations often limit the choices available to voters. "Election Before Election" is a groundbreaking platform designed to give genuine voters a voice in the nomination process, enabling them to nominate and upvote individuals they believe should be candidates in upcoming elections. This virtual pre-poll platform aims to bridge the gap between political parties' choices and the desires of the electorate, fostering a more inclusive and democratic nomination process.

How it's Made

This is a zk voting application using two zk primitives: 1) Semaphore Protocol and 2) Reclaim Protocol. Semaphore Protocol allows for anonymous signalling once a user is registered. The onus of mitigating sybil attack/verifying identity is on the dApp builder. We solve this problem by using Reclaim protocol, which lets a user to permissionlessly generate proofs of provenance (in our case, national unique identity). Using the hash of the identity as the nullifier, we achieve sybil attack resistance and proof of personhood.

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