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EduClaim: Your digital Academic Identity

EduClaim Leverages the Reclaim Protocol to provide blockchain-based student verifications using zk-proofs. Seamlessly unlock student-centric benefits like discounts, loan validations, and exclusive access, all with unparalleled privacy and security.

EduClaim: Your digital Academic Identity

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Project Description

EduClaim: Simplifying Academic Verification for Everyone EduClaim is here to revolutionize the way students and businesses interact. Let's break it down: Instant Verification with Reclaim: Through the Reclaim Protocol, students can swiftly prove their academic status. Think of it as flashing a digital student ID, but with utmost privacy. Blockchain Trust with EAS: By integrating the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS), every verification is securely stored on the blockchain. It's unchangeable, transparent, and ensures that the academic claims are genuine. Perks for Students: Once verified, students can tap into a world of benefits - from exclusive discounts to potential loan offers. It's about rewarding genuine academic pursuits. User-Friendly Design: EduClaim is crafted for everyone. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just getting started, navigating through is a cinch. Privacy First: With the Reclaim Protocol, students can validate their status without oversharing. It's about proving without revealing. Future-Proofed: As the digital shift accelerates, EduClaim ensures students and businesses stay ahead of the curve. In a nutshell, EduClaim is the bridge between students seeking opportunities and businesses wanting to provide them. It's about trust, benefits, and paving the way for a brighter digital future.

How it's Made

Foundations: Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) & Reclaim Protocol

EduClaim stands on the shoulders of two primary technologies: the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) and the Reclaim Protocol.

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS): EAS provides a robust mechanism for creating attestations on the Ethereum blockchain. These attestations serve as immutable records that vouch for a student's academic status. Once a student's academic status is verified, we leverage EAS to generate these on-chain attestations, ensuring the verification is tamper-proof and easily accessible for future validations.

Reclaim Protocol: This protocol facilitates the generation of zero-knowledge proofs (zk-proofs) from online data. It's the backbone that ensures privacy during the verification process. When a student initiates the verification, the Reclaim Client SDK is activated, guiding them to verify their academic email. Post verification, the SDK interacts with the Reclaim Protocol to produce a zk-proof, encapsulating the student's claim without exposing sensitive data. link:

Applications & Benefits: The potential applications of authenticating student status on the blockchain are vast. By creating an attestation for student status, we're laying a foundational layer for various applications. Businesses can offer students discounts on event tickets, exclusive offers, and more. Moreover, students from renowned institutions might even qualify for loans or special programs, provided they can validate their academic achievements. All of this is achieved without compromising their privacy, thanks to the Reclaim Protocol, which allows anyone to generate zk-proofs of online data from any website.

QR Code Scan & ReclaimWallet Interaction The student's journey begins with a QR code. This code is their gateway to the ReclaimWallet app and the subsequent verification process.

Flow: i)Student initiates verification on EduClaim and is presented with a QR code. ii)Scanning the QR code opens the ReclaimWallet app, prompting the student to prove their academic status. iii)After proving their status in the ReclaimWallet app and submitting, a zk-proof is generated via the Reclaim Protocol. iv) EduClaim, with the assistance of EAS, creates an on-chain attestation using this proof.

Piecing It All Together: The synergy between EAS, the Reclaim Protocol, QR code interaction, and the ReclaimWallet app makes EduClaim a holistic academic verification platform. It offers a seamless experience for students, ensuring their privacy, and harnesses the power of decentralized systems to bring trust and transparency to academic verifications.

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