A Creative Collective of Chefs to share their recipes with the community of gastronauts !


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Project Description

EddyNet is an Ethereum Experience, Entertainment and Engineering Platform powered by the concept of Non Fungible Tokens. It is created for tokenising the food recipes, food streets, food sharing events, food blogs, food festivals and so on. EddyNet envisions an enthusiastic and exciting future for dynamic decentralization of culinary cultures and cuisines across the world. EddyNet is embarking on a creative convergence of food makers, lovers and consumers beyond the walls of arbitrary accumulations and aggregated architectures.

How it's Made

The Food Streets are captured on Videos and added to the IPFS. The Food Recipes are also added to IPFS. All these food related artifacts are minted into Non Fungible Tokens using the Minty Framework integrated to the IPFS. The profits from the Food Experiences are converted to Food Fungible ERC 20 tokens and then distributed through Bonding Curve based on Bancor Formula. Food Events, Festivals, Carnivals, Blogs, etc will be streamed through the ERC 1620 Streaming Token Specification. Wherever privacy is required for specific food festivals, food recipes and food experiences they are delivered through the Zether Framework implementation of ERC 1724 specification. A Food Auction on Zora Protocol and a Food Marketplace powered by the Graph Protocol are in progress. Food NFTs are deployed on the Rainbow Bridge between Ethereum and NEAR Protocol.

To summarize following are the tools and technologies used :

  • Ethereum, ERC 721, ERC 20, ERC 1620, ERC 1724

  • Bonding Curves

  • IPFS, Minty, Pinata,

  • Zora, Graph, NEAR Protocols

  • Rainbow Bridge

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