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EconoTrust Layer: Enhancing Filecoin's ecosystem with a secure cryptographic framework. We're pioneering trust via Restaking, optimizing capital with IPC Subnets, and boosting network integrity and growth. #Blockchain #Filecoin #Cryptoeconomics


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

EconoTrust Layer for Filecoin

Introduction: EconoTrust Layer is a foundational cryptographic economic security framework designed to enhance the trust, efficiency, and sustainability of the Filecoin network. By integrating innovative Restaking protocols and Custom IPC Subnets, EconoTrust aims to address and resolve critical challenges within the Filecoin ecosystem, such as trust deficits, inefficient capital management, and vulnerabilities in retrieval protocols.

Core Components:

  1. Restaking as a Trust Mechanism:

    • Purpose: To solidify trustworthiness and reliability across the network.
    • Mechanism: Participants restake their tokens, which are then reallocated to vetted validators and subnet operators. This decentralized layer of assurance reinforces network security and fosters confidence among users.
  2. IPC Subnet Assurance:

    • Purpose: To simplify the creation of secure and trusted subnets within the Filecoin network.
    • Implementation: Developers can forge potent IPC subnets based on a foundation of cryptoeconomic trust, managed by validators who oversee the redistribution of Restaked LSTs. This expands the network’s influence and security by creating isolated, trusted environments for specialized operations.
  3. Capital Management for Storage Providers:

    • Purpose: To optimize the utilization of capital and minimize risk in transactional activities.
    • Method: The platform enables Storage Providers to delegate LSTs for deal collaterals. This system not only streamlines capital allocation but also reduces financial risks, promoting a more efficient and secure network operation.
  4. Advancing Retrieval Protocols:

    • Purpose: To enhance the security and efficiency of data retrieval within the Filecoin network.
    • Strategy: The platform assigns specific roles to offchain retrieval attestors and storage providers, thereby improving the existing retrieval protocols and supporting the network's capability to handle next-generation retrieval methods securely.

Operational Structure:

  • Strategy Manager: Manages a suite of vetted strategies for token staking governance.
  • Delegation Manager: Facilitates the delegation of tokens to Operators, including IPC Validators and Storage Providers, with an integrated Slasher mechanism to ensure compliance and adherence to trust protocols.


  • Increased Trust and Security: The Restaking and IPC Subnet Assurance mechanisms provide a secure framework that boosts confidence and reliability across the network.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By optimizing capital management and advancing retrieval protocols, EconoTrust Layer contributes to smoother and more secure operations.
  • Network Growth and Sustainability: The strategic innovations implemented in EconoTrust Layer not only address current challenges but also lay a robust foundation for future developments within the Filecoin ecosystem.

EconoTrust Layer represents a significant advancement in the cryptographic economic domain. By addressing the inherent challenges of trust, capital management, and protocol security within the Filecoin network, EconoTrust Layer ensures a secure, efficient, and sustainable future, thereby empowering developers, storage providers, and the broader blockchain community.

How it's Made

EconoTrust Layer for Filecoin: How It's Made

Technological Framework and Integration:

  1. Blockchain and Smart Contracts:

    • Technology Used: We leveraged the Filecoin blockchain and its native smart contract capabilities to implement our Restaking protocol and other trust mechanisms. Smart contracts automate the redistribution of staked tokens to vetted validators and manage the dynamic allocation of LSTs for deal collaterals.
    • Integration: These contracts are integrated directly within the Filecoin blockchain, ensuring that all operations are decentralized, secure, and immutable.
  2. Custom IPC Subnets:

    • Technology Used: To facilitate the creation of isolated processing channels (IPC Subnets), we utilized networking and virtualization technologies that allow for the creation of secure, dedicated subnets within the Filecoin network.
    • Implementation: These subnets are managed by Subnet Validators who operate under strict guidelines enforced by our Restaking protocol, ensuring that each subnet remains secure and operates efficiently.
  3. Cryptoeconomic Security Mechanisms:

    • Technology Used: EconoTrust Layer integrates advanced cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and data storage within the network. This includes encryption of data in transit and at rest, as well as cryptographic validation of all transactions and operations within the network.
    • Benefit: These mechanisms enhance the overall security and trustworthiness of the Filecoin network, crucial for its operation and expansion.
  4. Partner Technologies:

    • Use of Filecoin: Integrating with Filecoin allowed us to leverage its decentralized storage capabilities and native token economics, which are essential for implementing our capital management and Restaking features.
    • Benefits: This partnership has enabled us to build a robust framework that is both secure and scalable, benefiting from Filecoin’s established network and technological infrastructure.

Notable Implementations and Hacks:

  1. Dynamic Token Reallocation Algorithm:

    • What We Did: Developed a dynamic algorithm that automatically reallocates tokens to the most efficient and trustworthy validators based on real-time performance and reliability metrics.
    • Hacky Aspect: This involved creating custom metrics that assess validator performance in a decentralized and unbiased manner, which is not commonly done in traditional blockchain networks.
  2. Efficient Capital Management System:

    • Innovation: By integrating a just-in-time (JIT) strategy for the allocation of LSTs, we were able to significantly reduce the overhead associated with capital management.
    • Hacky Aspect: This system uses predictive analytics to anticipate the demand for token allocation, adjusting in real-time, which is a novel approach in blockchain environments.
  3. Enhanced Data Retrieval Protocols:

    • Technology Used: We implemented an offchain caching solution that works alongside the Filecoin network to enhance the speed and reliability of data retrieval.
    • Notable Solution: The integration of offchain data caches with onchain data verification processes was particularly challenging, requiring a delicate balance between speed and security.

Building the EconoTrust Layer involved a meticulous integration of blockchain technology, smart contracts, custom subnets, and advanced cryptoeconomic security mechanisms. The innovative use of dynamic token reallocation and JIT capital management not only addresses the intrinsic challenges of decentralized networks but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency and security. Through this project, we have significantly enhanced the Filecoin ecosystem, making it more robust, trustworthy, and ready for future challenges.

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