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Eclipse - Data DAOs Simplified

Eclipse is a decentralized 'google workspace' for startups & businesses - built with practical usability in mind

Eclipse - Data DAOs Simplified

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Project Description

Eclipse is a decentralized platform that provides a digital workspace for startups and businesses to store and manage their files securely using Data DAOs. With Eclipse, businesses can:

  1. Store and share files securely and privately with the members of their DAO (on Filecoin).
  2. Leverage a decentralized Storage Provider Marketplace and request for storage of Big Files (100+ GB).

How it's Made

The architecture of Eclipse is two fold.

  • Every DataDAO on eclipse gets an unique instance of 'Eclipse' deployed for them, such that all the information is contained and easy to sift through. Using the power of Sharded Keys by LightHouse, we are able to provide Dao Members with a Google Drive like experience for sharing files within their DAO - "PRIVATELY". Even if the CID is out there in public, the content of the CID will be encrypted from the get-go!
  1. Secondly, we absolutely believe that Storing Big Files in a secure and decentralized way is an absolute requirement for many companies and startups, especially with the amount of data one is able to collect. With eclipse we have built an integrated-automated storage marketplace for Companies to put out "Requests" and for Storage Providers to bid on top of these requests with their "Proposals" . Once a storage proposal is accepted, an escrow will get deployed using the DAO's treasury and the deal management is automated using @Zondax's MarketAPIs.

Using this, we are solving for decentralized storage requirements across the board!

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