Ecco is an approachable Web3 commerce and personal finance platform for creators that 1) facilitates the smooth transfer of value between creators and fans and 2) helps creators get the most out of their assets.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Ecco Finance is an e-commerce and community dashboard for creators. Ecco is designed to meet the unique needs of a growing segment of artists who create streamable media content including video and metaverse experiences.

Leveraging Superfluid’s technology, we’re creating a streamable payments system that can be customized according to to how much time a fan spends experiencing content and the amount of social tokens a creator wants to give back to their fans.

Our vision for Ecco Finance is all-in-one dashboard that allows creators to easily:

  1. Set up and manage payment systems to monetize their work;
  2. Launch and distribute social tokens to build community
  3. Mint and distribute NFTs; and
  4. Participate in high-yield DeFi liquidity pools to earn interest on their revenue.

Using their existing wallet, a creator opens an Ecco account that generates an erc20 social token as well as a SuperToken that facilitates the two-way streaming of payments to the creator and social tokens to the fan. The creator sets up a payment stream for externally hosted media by selecting “New Stream” button. The creator then sets the price per minute of the stream, the amount of social tokens they want to allocate to the stream and social token rewards per minute. The creator can also choose whether to direct payments to a DeFi pool such as Aave or Compound to earn interest. A line of code is then generated which the creator embeds in their frontend as a checkout experience similar to a paypal widget. Once a stream is initiated, the creator can return to their dashboard to view and manage the active stream. Here, the creator can: see the direct payments and DeFi interest they’ve earned, view their social tokens balance, and airdrop NFTs to their most loyal fans.

The Ecco payment stream is initiated by the fan when they press the start stream button to begin viewing or experiencing the media To terminate the payment stream, the fan simply clicks end stream which also ends the media. At the end of the stream, the fan can see how many of the creator's social tokens they were awarded.

How it's Made

We created an ERC20 wrapper to upgrade a social token to a SuperToken using Superfluid. The SuperToken is used for streaming the payment to the creator and social tokens to the fan at flow rates determined by the creator. A fan can start and stop a payment stream to the Ecco creator and receive reward token at the rate configured by the creator. If a fan stops the payment flow to the creator, the reward payment flow is also stopped.

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