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A simple app to bring the awesome world of Defi borrowing and earning - to everyone.

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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The project is an intuitive app to bring the awesome world of Defi borrowing and earning - to everyone. With simplified user flows and experience it should be possible for everyone to add payment methods and get started to borrow or earn money with

The possibility to borrow or earn is available with only a few taps while the app is guiding the user along the way. Also, any complex topics coming with using blockchains are abstracted from the user to her convenience.

For example after providing collateral to borrow a certain amount, the user will get notified that the money is ready to be used with a notification. From here it will only take a few steps to payout the money or crypto currency (USDC) to a selected payment method or wallet.

How it's Made

The API is built with Node.js (TypeScript) and running on Vercel (locally). The Ethereum blockchain is running as a locally forked version of mainnet with Infura as the provider). For the borrowing and earning API endpoints mostly Compound's compound.js library was used. In other cases ether.js was used directly to get certain functionalities e.g. of Comptroller.

Circle was used directly out of the app providing great APIs for on-/off-ramping (USD to USDC and vice versa).

The iOS app is built with Swift and SwiftUI.

Since I only had very limited time besides work, I was impressed how fast I could assemble something which sure is also due to great documentation provided by Compound and Circle.

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