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A web wallet to facilitate the sending of cryptocurrency, exchanging crypto to fiat, which then deposited into a mobile money account


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Skynet Pool Prize

Project Description

A web-based platform that enables Africans in the diaspora to send money back home with ease. It allows the users to send cryptocurrencies, then the equivalent fiat is deposited into the recipient's mobile money account. Due to the process of obtaining the mobile API key, I was not able to implement this part during the hackathon. What I was able to implement was a wallet that enables users to send cryptocurrencies to one another.

How it's Made

The front-end of this project was implemented using reactjs, CSS, HTML. The authentication, transaction details, user tokens, account balance were implemented using moralis. I hosted the application on skynet, which made it fully decentralized. I set up a GitHub action that updates the hosted application when a new change is made, this is something I haven't done before.

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