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E-sports Results Oracle

We are to building an oracle that is able to report the outcomes of e-sports matches.

E-sports Results Oracle

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Project Description

We worked to create an oracle connector to report results from matches of Starcraft 2. We explored APIs available for Starcraft 1 and 2, as well as Rocket League. We ultimately settled on Starcraft 2 for the MVP, and were able to develop a chainlink oracle connector that can report on the results of a match, match date, or other available match data. This is intended to be built into a larger set of e-sports no-loss lottery games.

How it's Made

We used API, Passport.js, Chainlink, and Heroku. Heroku was used to get over SSL issues during local development. We used existing Chainlink templates to grab the outcome of a match. It took some time to realize that we needed to use a different Oracle job ID to use the right set of adapters to get the bytes32 version of the string output during JSON parsing. We're happy that we were able to get the Chainlink oracle to work which gives us our first step in expanding upon this project in novel ways.

You can try the bnet OAuth at

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