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DynOS 95

Platform to improve the onboarding experience to web3, providing a friendly environment where users can connect to any DApps with email and social accounts, powered by Dynamic and ERC4337 Account Abstraction

DynOS 95

Created At

ETHGlobal London

Winner of


Nouns DAO - Best UX/UI implementation of Nouns Art 2nd


Dynamic - Best onboarding UX


ETHGlobal - 🏆 ETHGlobal London Finalist

Project Description

UX in Web 3 is broken, which makes it hard to get mass adopted.

Having to deal with wallets, public addresses, private keys, seed phrase, self-custody, signing transactions, and all of that from the very beginning, is an intimidating and sometimes dangerous experience, even if it’s an experienced developer who is landing to web3.

Our platform DynOS 95 is built to improve the onboarding experience to web3, providing a friendly environment where users can connect to any DApps with their familiar web2 login system, powered by Dynamic and ERC4337 AA.

When users land to DynOS 95 they will be able to use email and social login into our DApp, and once they’re logged in, they can interact with the different DApps seamlessly, without manually login into their systems, having a Single Sign On (SSO) experience.

They can double click in their DApp shortcuts and interact with them, while DynOS 95 handles all the blockchain interactions, making the user experience really smooth. Using other DApps is also posible by using our simple browser. Users will be able to swap tokens at Uniswap, lend or borrow at Aave or buy NFTs in their favourite marketplaces with no friction.

To reward DynOS 95 users, we’ll let them claim some DOST tokens gasless (sponsored fees), after they log into DynOS 95 for the first time. which we’ll be sending to their ERC4337 account.

All of this is wrapped with Nouns inspired UI to provide a friendly and enjoyable experience while interacting with their favourite DApps.

Our web3 app is not just a platform, but a door to the crypto world, aimed at teaching, involving, and thrilling users. We're making crypto easier to understand and access for everyone, step by step!

This is an MVP, but we believe this kind of UX could be integrated into popular onramp applications, like Coinbase or Binance, and improve the users onboarding experience.

How it's Made

Scaffold-ETH 2: 🏗 Made it very fast to create and deploy the smart contract and build the UI. Built using NextJS, Hardhat, Wagmi, Viem, and Typescript.

Dynamic: 🔐 Handles all the email and social login “magic”, letting non crypto-native users to login with their known web2 login methods, reducing the gap for mass adoption. Users can then use Dynamic dashboard to configure their accounts even further.

Zerodev: 💻 Is a modular SDK based on Kernel (open-source). Zerodev is integrated with Dynamic, and we’re using it to create the ERC4337 accounts, to let us sponsor some transactions to DynOS 95 users.

Base ERC4337: 🔵 We have an ERC20 contract in Base to reward our users with some DOST tokens, which after their first login can be claimed for free without paying for gas, and will be sent to their ERC4337 account .

🎨 NounsDAO artwork assets and our Nouns-inspired custom assets make UI enjoyable and more user-friendly.

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