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Dungeon Stories

A game built with AI generated chats as "Dungeon and Dragons" multiplayer adventure stories. AI art related to chats will be generated in-game and can be converted to ERC721s.

Dungeon Stories

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Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

This project uses MUD to track state of user generated "stories"/"adventures" that are in the format of the Dungeons and Dragons 5E game. Users can initialize a "World"/"Story" by giving it a name and quest description. These are stored on MUD stores and pushed to a Language Model to generate responses. Responses are fed back to MUD to be stored as chat-histories/story-narratives so that they can be repeatedly chained together to produce long adventures. An AI art generation model will provide Story-Art as players converse through their stories. These Story-Art images are created as MUD-NFTs and can be stringed together and transferred to ERC721 equivalents outside of MUD. As model inference can be slow, in-game tokens issued in MUD system can be used as currency to bid for chat-submission turns. In game rewards are also in this currency $STORIES

How it's Made

This project uses MUD to track its game state of the Dungeon and Dragons styled chat adventures generated by Language Models. Each player has ability attributes like Strength, Health, Experience Points. The ECS system in MUD framework makes it easy to prototype these adventure story data models out fast. As the chat stories progress, another AI art generation model provides the players with graphic-novel-liked Adventure Art. These are pointed to their links on IPFS through metadata first housed in MUD stores. After all the adventure is complete, players can opt to "export" these MUD-NFTs to ERC721 equivalents with a helper contract. As chat responses are not super fast, their transactions proofs can be recorded via EZKL and verified on chain. The fast write speed of MUD fits just right for the speed of transactions of this new type of game genre - AI chat Adventures.

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