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Governance communication tool for DAOs - Web3 native space governance


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ETHGlobal Paris

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💬 Push Protocol — Best use of Push Chat

Project Description

In most DAOs, decentralized and blockchain-based governance is messier than it seems.

If our mission as builders is to onboard millions more users, we must improve communication and UX so that DAOs have a meeting place, a space for DAOs whose focus is to make governance a simple and executable process.

Today's society has serious corruption problems because donations are made to certain organizations linked to specific causes: religious, political, etc. organizations that are not led with transparency but by individuals who seek their individual interest.

That's why we created Dubini, so people can communicate during the voting time for a proposal, get notifications and follow up about the advance of the proposals. Also, DAOs can give rewards to those people that have been participating in the voring process.

How it's Made

This project uses Push Protocol Chats and notifications, Metamask, React, Web3Context and Typescript.

The project was possible mainly because of Push, that enables communications in web3. Also, we created this project thinking on DAOs like Nouns and Aragon that can use it for their governance.

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