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Decentralized Order Book for incentivize content Hosting across time using IPFS and Ethereum


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

This project proposes a decentralized order book leveraging IPFS for distributed storage and Ethereum for smart contract execution. Content creators can post storage orders with content identifiers (CIDs), pricing, and time-to-live parameters. Node operators host and validate content through regular IPFS DHT operations, utilizing a proof-of-access scheme. Operators stake assets, accumulate rewards based on a Return on Assets (ROA) model, and are paid in a custom token. Failure to validate content leads to forfeiture of staked assets, which are reallocated to a DAO for protocol development. This system ensures data integrity, availability, and decentralized governance, demonstrating the synergy of blockchain and distributed storage technologies.

How it's Made

This project use @ipfs , @ens and . Use IPFS as Decentralized storage, ENS as register where host node can register pubkey of their IPFS node and validators and fleek as first option to first deploy content to IPFS gateway. This al project has been though to be fully decentralized, so order books will works in smart contracts and WebApp will be store in Fleek using CID

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