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Buy and Sell temporal property rights through NFTs and ZKProofs.


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Project Description

DROP asks a verifier for an exclusive service allowed only to the owner of a certain NFT, the Verifier generates a disposable token (that can have an expiration time or can only be used once) and sends a message to the User with: –created token, –id of the NFT that allows access to the requested service (also the ERC721 contract address and other information should be specified, but this is a simplified schema) -User signs the message with his wallet and sends the message and signature to the Verifier,

Verifier: –checks token validity, –verifies signature, –resolves address of the User from the signature, –asks Blockchain who the owner of the NFT #ID,

IF: the owner's address matches the User's address, THEN: service is allowed

Imagine you have a house on the beach that you want to share with your friends and family. With DROP you can sell them, gift them or trade them digital access to your property and allow them to temporary access your house and appliances. Authentication through ZKP can be done through a mobile device or an IoT device installed in your house. Only the owner of one specific NFT can access your services.

Control the shared-access to your properties from your phone.

Enable a secondary market for Real-State Asset Management.

How it's Made

We are using a ERC721 standard contract from OZ, IERC20 to interact with any tokens that may get sent to the contract address and a simple HTML with Moralis SDK to integrate easily and interact directly with the contract.

We have deployed the contract to Mumbai, but we believe this project would thrive in the new zkEVM that will be rolling out soon.

This project uses Solidity and HTML to demonstrate how easy it is to connect and verify a signature.

There is NO Backend needed at the moment, but we may develop one in the future to improve the UX side.

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