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Dream Date World (DDW)

A Dating Metaverse Platform design on the “Chat Before Match” Framework to facilitate Hangout Culture

Dream Date World (DDW)

Created At

ETHIndia 2022

Winner of


✨ Worldcoin — Honorable Mention


🏊 Push Protocol — Prize Pool


🏊 ENS — Integration Prize

Project Description

The Problem it Solves

  • For Women: Not getting enough data on a person for filtering creeps before one-one interaction
  • For Men: Not getting enough matches and chances to interact with women. -Hookup Culture: Focus on looks over personality which accelerates the hookup culture.


  • For Women: Safe group interactions in social spaces, helps filter creeps before one-one interaction
  • For Men: With group interactions, they can talk to people and increase their chances of cracking a date
  • Hangout Culture: With an interaction focussed platform, personality will be prioritised over looks, promoting hangout culture.

How it's Made

-ENS RPC call requests getting blocked reason being the limited rate,

-Vercel’s 64KB Environment Variables limit was exhausted we had to find a workaround, -NPM e-integrity error, -Integrating the different modules of the Huddle SDK with the custom Firebase Cloud Function took some time,

-Took a hefty time for enabling Push notifications the documentation was not quite descriptive,

  • Found it challenging to deploy with QuickNod.
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