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Dragons and Dungeons

A modular NFT game that uses the character model creation like Dungeons and Dragons

Dragons and Dungeons

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

A modular game where a DAO o Dungeon Master can control the narrative of the history or add new classes, monsters, etc. Users can create a character and connect them and fight monsters to earn exp, gold, and items while retaining 100% ownership of their character. It takes a lot of elements from the character creation of Dungeons on Dragon, as it's an NFT that can be connected with different elements of the blockchain space, for example, using a PFP NFT as the avatar for the character or selling the character with all their items, exp or gold. More importantly, is accessible to play, anyone can create a character and be ready to start at level 1 without spending thousands of dollars on an NFT sale. Demo:

How it's Made

This project uses ERC721, ERC20 standards for the contracts and uses the Foundry framework for testing and deployment of the contracts in Polygon Mumbai testnet. For the game interface, it uses Angular plus Moralis to interact with the user account, giving a comfy experience making save files and profile customizations.

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