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A Patreon clone utilizing the Lens Protocol. Let's users follow a user by purchasing an NFT.


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🛣 Lens Protocol — Best use of Follow Module

Project Description

This project is an attempt to create a Patreon clone using Polygon and the Lens Protocol. We utilized the Follow Module from Lens to allow users to purchase NFTs of varying levels to support/follow a particular user. People with a profile can manage their membership levels, see their followers and who has contributed, and see who their active followers are.

How it's Made

We used scaffold-eth to quickly get our app setup so we could start working Lens Protocol. After running into some issues with Lens, we realized we needed to run it locally and not use the test net contracts for what we were trying to do. Unfortunately, getting Lens running locally took some time so we weren't able to spend as much time trying to build what we set out to do.

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