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Service for sending ERC20 tokens with paying commision in this token (crosschain also)


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ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🥈 deBridge — Best Use

Project Description

With our service you can send ERC20 token from wallet which don't have native token by paying commisions in ERC20 token. Also possible to transfer tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and in opposit direction. Possible usecases is accounting systems for crypto, part of grypto gateways for managing hot wallets. Possible aditional features

  • collecting small amount of tokens from different chains
  • sending tx with setuped commision price

How it's Made

We developed smartcontract (deployed on ethereum and polygon) and our own relaer. As bridge was used deBridge. Also we tried to implement swap token logic, but didn't finished it yet. For frontend we used vueJs. For relaer python. Everything is deployed on server and could be reach at

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