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P2P Social Endorsement Protocol with privacy-preserving to facilitate trust and credibility building in web3


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🤝 Lens Protocol — Integration


✨ Worldcoin — Honorable Mention


5️⃣ Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

Background: Leveraging a trustworthy reputation/credit score system while protecting user privacy is a challenge for web3. We aim to tackle this unsolved problem by introducing a P2P verified social endorsement protocol to allow people to build social credits on web3 incrementally. We believe that social endorsement is key to building a trust and thriving community in Web3. And it's a natural and familiar mechanism to help more users onboard to Web3 through the social network effect.

Method: By leveraging proof of humanity and zero-knowledge-enabled protocols like WorldCoin and Polygon ID, we can bring authenticity and privacy together. By collating and mining the on-chain activities of users with Lens, Dune Analytics, and Covalent, we can provide a better picture of their interests, experiences, and community engagement. By minting a SoulBound NFT once the endorsement is agreed upon, it shows the benefits of the blockchain technology which are the proof of authenticity, ownership, and traceability, which it can further serve as a reward mechanism for community building through a positive feedback loop.

Structured API: We visualize the different layers of social endorsement relationships by using the Graph, our own API allows others to further develop on top of our protocol.


  • Proof your previous co-worker's skill when they seek jobs and team up in Hackathon
  • Influencers endorse the project so that they will take the corresponding negative impact if the project rug, increase the credibility of their marketing post
  • People back up acquaintances for their reputation when they want to lend money.

How it's Made

  1. a user can log in by connecting with the wallet and would be prompted to go through the "KYC" process for proof of humanity, where we use WorldCoin and PolygonID to serve the purpose while preserving the user's privacy.
  2. any user can pick the endorsement request from people they may know, which is based on the social graph data from Lens API and the on-chain wallet behaviors data from Covalent API.
  3. the user can browse the person's information to better assess the possibility of endorsement. The data will be derived from signals such as background checks (related to blacklist addresses/hacker events), and community and dApp engagement from the Dune Analytics API. For example, we show what DAOs and dApps the endorsee is involved in. Here is the API documentation on how we integrate different web3 data API endpoints -
  4. the endorsor can confirm and both the endorsor and requester will receive airdrop endorsement SBT for which developed the smart contract with Foundry and deployed on Polygon and Optimism. SBT is useful because it helps associate the unique identity to agree on the endorsement for both parties. Furthermore, the SBT enables transparency and traceability to hold both parties accountable. In the future, we can add more utility to SBTs to encourage people to request more endorsements and receive accountable endorsements with a positive feedback loop.
  5. we integrate with the Graph protocol which launches as a subgraph API to help us collect relevant data and allow others to further develop on top of our protocol. We also plan to use the Dune Analytics or visualization tool to help users better filter and identify credible and qualified candidates for specific use cases and evaluate the broader community trend for research purposes.
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