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An NFT Airdrop service that runs monthly and Airdrops Monthly Ranked DAO participation NFTs to Users


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Project Description

DAOs have a problem with tracking participation because of the large user base. Incentivizing DAO members is an unexplored domain. You need to hold a major stake of the DAO token to get Recognized. The idea is to leverage that exclusivity and issue NFTs as representation of DAO membership. Our

Service seeks to bridge the Gap to properly incentivize Participating members by issuing NFTs to DAO members based on their Participation. DAOs can then Incentivize NFT holders based on their Issued Ranked NFT.

How it's Made

We are using snapshot's api to get user on-chain activity/participation. For the mvp, we are tracking votes. This data is used to determine reward type for the users. We are using react to create a simple frontend to interact with the contract. After the user fills in the details about their snapshot space, we retrieve information using the flask api. We feed all this data to the contract to mint nfts and distribute them to DAO members.

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