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Dogtoken ai erc404

This Dapp use erc404 with custom Lilypad stable diffusion generete unique images

Dogtoken ai erc404

Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lilypad - Best Lilypad Tooling or Use of Lilypad 4th place

Project Description

The project is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the ERC-404 standard. When users hold the project's tokens, they are also automatically granted a unique, non-fungible token (NFT). The NFT doesn't have a pre-generated image. Unleash your creativity and bring it to life using Lilypad AI's generative art technology.

How it's Made

This DApp boasts a multi-layered architecture, each component meticulously crafted to deliver a groundbreaking user experience.

Front-End: Built with Scaffold-Eth, a robust framework specifically designed for Ethereum development, the front-end ensures a seamless and intuitive user interface.

Smart Contract: Deployed on the FVM, the DApp utilizes the experimental ERC-404 standard. This innovative standard transcends the limitations of traditional token models by enabling assets that possess both fungible and non-fungible characteristics within a single entity.

To bridge the gap between ComfyUI workflows and Lilypad's AI capabilities, I developed a dedicated command-line interface (CLI) application. This custom tool acts as a seamless translator, effectively converting ComfyUI workflows into compatible modules for Lilypad's AI engine,

Command-Line Interface (CLI): To streamline the integration of ComfyUI workflows with Lilypad's AI module, a dedicated CLI application was meticulously crafted. This tool acts as a bridge, facilitating a smooth and efficient interaction between the two systems.

Backend: Operating behind the scenes, the backend leverages the power of Lilypad's CLI. It proactively pre-pays for image generation, ensuring a seamless experience for end-users. This pre-payment mechanism eliminates potential bottlenecks and guarantees a smooth workflow for NFT image generation.

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