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Access Control Service for files on IPFS. Update your files on IPFS and share access with your friends.


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

Access Control Service to files which hosted on IPFS (potentialy also on other decentalised storages). ACS allows users to do next

  • publish file of IPFS
  • use IPNS approach to update files by link
  • manage access to updating files on IPNS
    • add wallets which allows to update files by IPNS link
    • remove wallets from access list

How it's Made

We host our own IPFS node for correct IPNS features. Implemented cron for updating IPNS names of files. Create base backend for upload files to IPFS, publish files to IPNS, crud for access policies to files. Also implemented frontend which request signuters with wallets to update files

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